Asclepias pumila (Plains Milkweed)
Family: Asclepiadaceae (Milkweed)
Asclepias pumila grows on dry sites on the plains and lower foothills. Plants are usually less than 12 inches tall. Leaves are linear and densely spaced along the stem, sometimes appearing whorled though they are alternate. Leafy stems have a bottle brush appearance. Flowers are white or pink and are in umbels at the tip of the stem. Fruits are held upright and are 1.5 to 2.5 inches tall. Plants often sprawl amongst grasses.

Compare to Asclepias subverticillata (Horsetail Milkweed), which has leaves in whorls. Horsetail Milkweed is taller than 12 inches, and flowers are white or cream (Plains Milkweed can also have white flowers).

Vegetation zone:  Plains, Foothills  (3500 - 6000 ft.)
Time of bloom:  July - September
Origin:  Native
Eastern Colorado Wildflowers