Oreocarya celosioides or Crypthantha celosioides (Buttecandle)
Family: Boraginaceae (Borage)

Oreocarya celosioides has a single stem and grows to a height of 12 to 16 inches. Flower clusters are slightly separated along the stem. Leaves are broadest toward the tip.  Oreocarya celosioides is uncommon and found primarily in the northeastern counties.

Compare to O. thyrsiflora, which has longer, spreading branches of flowers.
O. celosioides and O. thyrsiflora are sometimes found growing near each other.

Compare to O. virgata, which has flowers spaced continuously along the stem.
Leaves of O. virgata are linear, while leaves of O. celosioides are broad at the tip.   O. celosioides is usually found on the plains, while O. virgata is a foothills species.

Vegetation zone:  Plains  (3800 - 5300 ft.)
Time of bloom:  April - July
Origin:  Native
Eastern Colorado Wildflowers