Ribes montigenum
(Mountain Gooseberry)
Family: Grossulariaceae (Gooseberry)
Mountain Gooseberry has saucer-shaped flowers, as compared to the tubular flowers of other gooseberry species such as Trumpet Gooseberry. Leaves and flower stems are glandular-hairy. Leaves are deeply lobed. Stems have several spines at each nodes. Plants produce red fruits. Mountain Gooseberry grows on slopes and in spruce forests from montane to alpine elevations.

Compare to Ribes inerme, which also has spines at the nodes. Flowers of Ribes inerme, however, are longer and lack glandular hairs. Sepals of Ribes inerme are longer and reflexed, compared to sepals of Ribes montigenum which point outward forming a cup. Also, stamens of Ribes inerme are exerted, while the stamens of Ribes montigenum are inside the flowers.

Vegetation zone:  Montane, Subalpine, Alpine (8500 - 13,000 ft.)
Time of bloom:  June - August
Origin:  Native
Eastern Colorado Wildflowers